Primary School Sport Funding

Primary School Sport Funding

PE and Sports Premium for Primary aged pupils

 Foundry College received:

Year Amount Expenditure
2016/17 £208 £560
2017/18 £417 £810
2018/19 £0 £1,290


 Purpose of the funding

  • To develop or add to the PE and sport activities that Foundry College already offers
  • To build capacity and capability within the college to ensure that improvements made now will benefit pupils joining the college in future years.

How we have used the money

Climbing at Oakwood Youth Challenge

Water Sports – 6 week course of water sports activities at Wokingham Waterside Centre

Outdoor physical challenges – 4 week course at Oakwood Youth Challenge

Thames Valley Adventure Park – weekly sessions

The Allotment – weekly sessions, seasonal

How we plan to use the money for 2019/20

During the academic year we plan to build on the successes achieved at the Oakwood Youth Challenge, and expand our provision to cover watersports at Dinton Pastures and ice skating at the John Nike center.

Furthermore, we will develop our teachers’ skill-sets by having external PE tutors on site to run PE sessions. Dependent upon the pupil, as and when it is safe to do so, we will also attend Carnival Swimming Pool with the intention of implementing the Water Safety training and achieving confident swimming to a minimum of 25m.


Where we expect to see improvement

  • A broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils, for example attendance at the local Golf driving range
  • To enhance the profile of PE and sport across the college to enrich the pupil experience and lead to whole-school improvement
  • To see increased participation in competitive sport and physical activities, including outside of college.

Ofsted commented;

“You care deeply about the pupils and are determined to make sure that your school provides the nurturing environment that they need.”

“Pupils are happy at your school, they say that there is always someone to talk to and that their views are valued. Parents and carers praise the improvements in their children’s behaviour and attitudes to learning.”

“You and your team are acutely aware of the importance of ensuring that every pupil is safeguarded from harm.”



Student Outcomes 2018-19

The Staff and Management Committee are delighted to celebrate the results of our 2018-2019 cohort.

Foundry College is more than a school where staff deliver the curriculum.  We are an environment where pupils are able to learn for life through a wealth of different experiences and enrichment opportunities. Staff support our pupils not only as highly qualified experts in their different curriculum fields, but also as daily mentors. Our educational expertise,  personal commitment and dedication to improving the life experiences of  vulnerable young people make significant contributions to building pupils' resilience and fostering a culture of mutual respect and co-operation.

Our primary focus is to work hard with pupils to help them secure the best outcomes they can and to improve their chance of success in further education, training or employment.

Year 2

One student was eligible for KS1 SATs and was assessed to be at the National standard.

Year 6

One of two students eligible for KS2 SATs was assessed to be at the National standard.  The second student was disapplied by their home school.

Year 11

The summer 2019 cohort once again exceeded realistic expectation with 15 of 19 students achieving at least one level 2 qualification.

All 19 students were entered for a qualification in both English and Maths, with 9 students achieving GCSE passes in each subject and 7 students achieving passes in both GCSE English and GCSE Maths.  8 students were entered for double Science, with 7 students achieving at least one grade 4 and 4 students achieving passes in both GCSEs.

Qualifications were also obtained in a further thirteen other subjects, including a range of traditional academic GCSEs and a selection of vocational options.

Thank you to everyone involved in the partnership without which these excellent outcomes for our pupils would not have been possible.

Miss Jay Blundell— Headteacher








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