Management Committee


 Management Committee


Foundry College is a Pupil Referral Unit supporting schools, children and families within the Wokingham Borough Council district, with an OFSTED rating of GOOD (25th January 2018). We cater for young people aged 4-16 years who are unable to maintain a school place for a wide variety of reasons.

The Management Committee work with the school, the young person and the family to provide the most suitable package of support whether that is part time or full time school based support, home tutoring, staff support, or if more appropriate a full time place at Foundry College.

The job of a Management Committee member is to ensure high standards of educational achievement and to set the ethos, strategic direction and long-term vision for the school. Members question, support and strengthen the school leadership but leave the day-to day operation of the school to the Headteacher and staff. They also make sure the College’s money is well spent and see that resources are allocated in line with strategic priorities.

Please click here for the Terms of Reference of the Management Committee.

The Management Committee is chaired by Suzanne Richards and the vice-chair is John Bayes. We have two Sub-Committees, Suzanne Richards chairs the Teaching and Learning Committee, and John Bayes chairs the Resources Committee.

All Chairs can be contacted via Foundry College on 0118 334 1510 or  

There are a total of thirteen committee members, made up of:


Community Members:

Suzanne Richards (Chair)

John Bayes (Vice-Chair)

Rose Mahony (Community)

Iain Thomas (Headteacher)

Judy Wheeler  (Primary)

Sharon Finn (Primary)

Suzanne Richards (Secondary)

Robin Bertrand (Secondary)

Shan Ratcliffe (Local Community)

Jim Mathieson (Local Community)

One Local Authority Member:

Sal Thirlway  (Local Authority)

Three Staff Members:

Nicky Rees (Deputy Headteacher – Community Development & Wellbeing)

Tom Scantlebury (Inclusion Manager)

Louise Brookes (Behaviour Outreach)

One Parent Member: 


Associate Member:

Raj Arava


Carolina Taplin

To view the Management Committee Register of Business Interests 2019-2020 please click here

To view the Management Committee Register of Responsibilities please click here

To view the Management Committee meeting attendance, please click here

Ofsted commented;

“You care deeply about the pupils and are determined to make sure that your school provides the nurturing environment that they need.”

“Pupils are happy at your school, they say that there is always someone to talk to and that their views are valued. Parents and carers praise the improvements in their children’s behaviour and attitudes to learning.”

“You and your team are acutely aware of the importance of ensuring that every pupil is safeguarded from harm.”

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